8. Troubleshooting

8.1 Tips

When ViCANdo doesn’t function as expected, there are some things you could try to test. We are always trying to make better software, however in some user cases some issue may occur. Below is a checklist to help us narrow down the issue. For support request, please fill in the support page from here. It is recommended to give us detailed explaination of the issue and if it’s possible please also send us the log file and/or other files needed so we can try to reproduce the issue.

  • Un-plug and re-plugin the hardware from serial port or USB port and test again

  • Close and re-open ViCANdo project and test again

  • Check the information in console window in ViCANdo

  • Close other application while using ViCANdo to see if the hardware was accessed by many applications simultaneously

  • Check the graphics driver on your PC, update it if needed

  • Check the firewall settings if ViCANdo cannot receive network packages

  • Check the hardware with its own software/application to see if hardware is working properly. Refer to its manual

  • Check the firmware of the hardware you are using, update it if needed

  • Check the driver of the hardware you are using, update it if needed

  • Try test with and without USB hub or Ethernet switch when connecting to other device

8.2 FAQ

Below is a list of few issues we have received from our customer. You may find the answer here if you meet the same issue.

8.2.1 My online license doesn’t work

Check your firewall settings, the online license is validated through our server via internet. Your firewall may block the access to our server.

8.2.2 QML presenter shows black or blank screen or crash while loading QML presenter

Recommend to update the graphics driver on your laptop and try again.

8.2.3 ViCANdo gets blurry and the mouse pointer gets offset from what I am pointing at

The high DPI displays have different DPI. It is recommended to add ViCANdo to your graphics card manufacture’s settings, such as NVIDIA’s profile and set it to use the highest performance settings.

8.2.4 Device via serial port shows no data

On Linux platform, try to use minicom to check that there is traffic on the serial port. On Windows platform, try to use wireshark to capture the traffic. Contact the manufacture of the device for support. It may happen that the device didn’t output any data on certain interface port.

8.2.5 Video source has lots of Xruns

If you see lots of Xrun of the video source while logging, it means per second it didn’t receive the expected amount of frames. i.e. the expected FPS of the video source since it’s on. Different camera gives different maximum FPS it can take. The higher the frames, the smoother the video will be. For clear and smooth video with moving object, 25 fps is a good setting to start with. It is recommended to try out different settings for the video source in component properties window to find the best setting for your video.

8.2.6 Software or PC crashed

Check if there are any LEDs shows there are issues on certain device. Temprature too high? Over voltage/current? Check the manual of the hardware, contact their support. Check console window in ViCANdo/ViCANlog. Send us any crash logs. On Windows OS, the logs were located at C:\Users\xxx\AppData\Local\Zuragon\ViCANdo\crashreports If using ViCANlog on Linux OS, type tail -f /tmp/vicanlog.log in the terminal to view the logs.

8.2.7 Cannot receive data from Ethernet network, UDP socket, TCP socket

  • Check your firware is not blocking the data.

  • Check that the source hardware is sending the data.

  • Check the configuration of the source in ViCANdo is correct.

  • Check the multi trace or the lidar viewer are attached to the UDP/Ethernet/TCP source where the data should come.

  • Use third party tools to verify if there is wanted data traffic.

  • Contact Zuragon support or our distributor.

8.2.8 Lidar viewer is not displaying lidar point cloud

  • Check Ethernet license option is ok.

  • Check pcap driver(on Windows only) is installed.

  • Check the UDP source is configured correctly.

  • Attach a multi trace to the UDP source.

  • Check there is data coming in multi trace.

  • Check the lidar viewer is attached to the UDP source.

  • Check the lidar viewer is displaying the points. Zoom-in/out to check.