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New partner Dimaag AI in the U.S.

Zuragon has signed a partnership agreement with Dimaag AI, out of Sunny Vale (CA).

We believe that our existing customers can benefit from the co-operation in terms of data cleansing and AI post analysis already on existing data assets. Read more about Dimaag here: 

DIMAAG-AI is a provider of adaptive self-healing advanced AI platform, products, and solutions for multiple industries across the continents. DIMAAG-AI provides edge and cloud platform AI logic and enablement tools for business digital and AI transformation. DIMAAG-AI offers visualization of end-to-end data-driven analytics from custom development of explainable AI logic for prototypes to large-scale production deployments with real-time self-healing AI lifecycle management. DIMAAG-AI believe that the secret to a successful AI product is:

  • Data aggregation and visualization
  • Data coverage and clean training data
  • Customized AI architecture based on customer use-case
  • Transparent and explainable AI models
  • Self-healing AI lifecycle management after deployment.
DIMAAG-AI’s solutions have been deployed in high volume production environments by multiple fortune 500 companies and have yielded tremendous cost savings and AI automation for major corporations.