SDK(Software development kit) is a powerful tool for you to build your own plugins on top of the vicando suite platform. It not only enables you the access to all the data captured via Vicando/Vicanlog, but also gives you the freedom to develop your own application or plugins.

The QML API allows you to create quick and simple GUI using QML and JavaScript programming languages. It is a easy way to manipulate the incomming data and display e.g. the caluclated signal values.

The C++ API allows you to create advanced GUI plugins that can be executed inside Vicando/Vicanlog.

If you like, you can also create your own “app” running in the front and have Vicando running in the backend.  Contact us for more information.

Partner Plugins

We work closely with our global technical partners. Our partners have extensive understanding of our products and the SDK. They have developed lots of advnaced and easy to use plugins to move the data analysing process to a much higher level for the end customers.  These plugins are available  for purchase since 2020 through Zuragon’s network.  Together with our partners, we provide customized plugin development services and SDK training workshops. Contact us for more information if you are interested.


Our Korean partner Sonnet.Ai has developed ViCANdrive series plugins on top of the SDK.


Our Chinese partner Hirain has developed lots of plugins using the SDK and specified sensor hardware that can be used for various applications, mainly for evaluating and testing the ADAS functionality. Below is a list of the existing plugins that are ready for purchase through us.

  • Bird View
  • Session Fusion
  • Session Cut
  • Road Testing
  • Event Judge
  • Camera Calibration