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Release Notes

On Windows OS

Latest version

Released version

On Mac OSX


Note: The  build for Mac OSX is not maintenanced at the moment. Contact us if you need a new build.

Nvidia platform

For NVIDIA JETSON TX2, please download ViCANdo from here.

For NVIDIA DRIVE AGX Xavier/Pegasus and other platforms, please contact us.

Other platforms

If you want Vicando working on other platforms, contact us for more information.

For support request, please fill our support form.
Click here for ViCANdo manual.
Click here for ViCANdo SDK manual.

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ViCANdo log file specification & parsing examples

This product allows you to process the data logged by Vicando/Vicanlog in your own tool.

The parsing examples demostate how to read the log files in C++.

Contact us for more information.


Vicanlog software is the in-vehicle version of Vicando. It works on Linux OS and works together with cloud ZEUS.

Click here for Vicanlog manual

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Vicandriod is a native Android application that utilizes Android built-in sensors and camera for recording data.

It works with Zuragon Zeno 42X CANquatro interface and Kvaser interface to access CAN/LIN networks via USB.

Click here for Vicandroid Manual.

Contact us for more information.

Click here to learn how to apply ViCANdroid license on Kvaser device.