What is
vicando suite?

Vicando is a suite of tools that covers the full cycle of Advanced driver-assistance systems development. From the first day of algorithm development, through simulation and code generation to HIL, SIL, LAB tests to road tests and full vehicle road validation. Vicando, Vicansim, Vicanlog, Vicandroid cover different aspects of the development stages.












Evaluate common technologies, sensors, and try out your ideas using, Windows, Android apps or Linux based functions, applied in Vicando.

Vicando is a general purpose application used to acquire data from multiple sources and record it to disk. It is designed not only to easily replay and analyze your recordings but also to support the use of other tools to post analysis the data.

The source of the data can range from a video camera or a GPS to a CAN interface and there is no limit as to what kind of data that can be captured. The captured data can later be re-played with the purpose of viewing and playing back the data flow with highly accurate time precision.

This application can also be used to later display and analyze the data in trace and graph views and recorded data can also be exported to other applications in various formats. Vicando supports various source and has a powerful scripting feature which supports QML and JavaScript.  With the help of the SDK it allows you to write your own customized application on top of the Vicando engine. Click here to check if the hardware is supported by Vicando.

Features included


Get your application on the road faster than ever with less hassle using Vicansim middleware and simulation tool suite.

Vicansim is Vicando+ OpenCV or MatLab/Simulink™ options. Vicansim allows you to detect lanes or vehicles on the road using the OpenCV library and also gives you the chance to interface MatLab/Simulink™.


Test your ECU and the complete vehicle in the lab or on the road with Vicanlog or Vicanlog pro or Vicanlog light.

Vicanlog is the “in-vehicle version” of Vicando. It is particularly designed for data acquisition of various sensors such as LiDAR, radar, camera, digital I/Os, ultrasonic sensors, vehicle buses such as CAN-HS/FD, FlexRay, LIN etc.  With the connection to the cloud(ZEUS), user not only can monitor the status of data logging status, CPU, memory, disk usasge, but also can execute customized plugins along with data capturing.

Vicanlog family


Get your data up to the cloud in real-time with just a simple Android powered tablet or phone while testing the vehicle on the road.

ViCANdroid is an application running on Android platform. It is used as a supplementary product of ViCANdo. You can use it as a remote logger and record all the data while testing your vehicle on the road and have all the log uploaded to your cloud (e.g. FTP server). Later on the logs can be imported into ViCANdo. Read more in the manual.

Key features


Pre and Post triggers, to
keep log file size down
to a minimum


Recording of CAN
and LIN traffic


Recording of Video
Recording of Sound


Recording of OBD
diagnostic data


Recording of
GPS position


Recording of Android sensors like
temperature, humidity


Wireless transmissions of log files
over WiFi or 4G/5G


Creation of triggers from CAN
source in the Vicando project


Built in J1979
scan tool


Vicanbedded is the latest contribution to the Vicando family. It is a target environment for the embedded code that is the result from what has been developed in i.e. Vicansim or Vicando. All formats and features are kept the same. The code simply carries over to a new compiled target environment.
It is designed to easily move from the PC environment to your real target with the same source code. The sources of video Cameras, GPS, I/O, Lidars or Network signals remains the same.
I.e. Tensorflow™ can be used to train the Algorithms during development and at run time. All the stimuli needed for the training of the desired behavior can be accomplished with real scenes recorded with Vicanlog. The captured data can be cropped, washed and anotated so suit the development of the required behavior and accelerate the process to save time.

All debugging is done by using the Vicando suite of products.

Currently supported embedded platforms are: embedded Linux, QNX, INTEGRITY and VxWokes.