• ViCANdo, a suite of products
  • All aspects of ADAS/AD development
  • Algorithms, Simulation, Middleware, Apps
  • HIL, SIL, LAB, ROAD test
  • In one consistent tool suite
  • Code to the road = Faster than ever
  • Cross platforms, OTA enabled
  • ViCANdo产品系列覆盖ADAS/AD开发的各个方面
  • 算法、仿真、中间件、应用
  • 软件在环(SIL)、硬件在环(HIL) 、实验室(LAB)、道路(ROAD)测试
  • 跨操作平台、支持空中下载技术(OTA)

Simulation 仿真Covers all aspects of ADAS development 覆盖ADAS开发的各个方面Analysis 分析Fleet testing 车队测试

Download demo VICANDO 下载试用VICANDO

Our Partners

our partners

Latest news

COMVEC booth 309

September 10

Meet our partner Davinci Technologies at Comvec this week: https://www.sae.org/attend/comvec/ Booth 309

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Zuragon to exhibit at Autonomous Vehicle Technology Expo 2018 in Novi, Michigan, USA

June 13

Meet us in October 23-25, 2018 at The Suburban Collection Showplace, Novi, MI, USA. Click here to register for your free Visitors badge.  

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Based on ViCANdo technology, Sonnet launched their first AD car in Korea

May 7

Based on ViCANdo technology, Sonnet launched their first Autonomous Drive (AD) car in Korea.

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“We developed our own applications for diagnostics and EOL without any problems, after one day of training from Zuragon”.


“We are very happy with our decision to choose ViCANdo”.


— Senior Manager at a European OEM, 25 years of experience in the Automotive Electronics

– 欧洲OEM的高级经理,拥有25年汽车电子行业经验


“Flexibility for the future was important to us as we didn´t know which technologies that could evolve during the project”.


“Openness and flexibility was kind of our key words for picking a tool chain. We couldn´t decide to put our faith 100% in the hands of others”.

“开放性和灵活性是我们选择工具链的关键词。 我们不能决定把我们的命运100%交给别人。”

— Senior Manager at an Asian Tier 1, 19 years of experience in the Automotive Electronics field

– 亚洲Tier 1高级经理,19年汽车电子领域经验

Engineering excellence is our motto

Zuragon was founded by a team committed to a disruptive change of the way the industry works with development and test systems for Autonomuous Driving (AD) and Advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS). By introducing a consistent family of products reutilizing the power of multi-OS design, ADAS knowledge and open source computer vision technology, hand in hand with established standard technologies, Zuragon can offer a suite of products that assists in ADAS development from concept to code on the road.

Zuragon是由一个致力于改变高级驾驶员辅助系统ADAS(Advanced Driver Assistance System)开发和测试系统行业的工作方式的团队成立。Zuragon开发的产品使用跨操作系统平台设计, 丰富的ADAS知识以及开源计算机视觉技术和已经建立的行业标准技术,可以协助整车厂研发团队快速高效开发ADAS系统, 缩短从代码到道路测试的时间技术成本。