Covers all aspects of ADAS development 覆盖ADAS开发的各个方面
Data collection数据收集•Simulation 仿真•Analysis 分析•Fleet testing 车队测试


软件在环 • 硬件在环 • 实验室• 道路测试


Cross platform 跨平台应用 • OTA 空中下载技术 • Fast prototyping 快速研发
Alogrithms 算法 • Simulation 仿真 • Analysis 分析

What is vicando?

Vicando is a suite of tools that covers the full cycle of Advanced driver-assistance systems development. From the first day of algorithm development.

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About Company

We simply want to be the best in our field

Zuragon was founded by a team committed to a disruptive change of the way the industry works with development and test systems for Autonomuous Driving (AD) and Advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS). By introducing a consistent family of products reutilizing the power of multi-OS design, ADAS knowledge and open source computer vision technology, hand in hand with established standard technologies, Zuragon can offer a suite of products that assists in ADAS development from concept to code on the road.




Introducing Vicanlog PRO+ data logger

For the real demanding situations of in-vehicle edge computing on the video streams we have added Vicanlog PRO+  to the family of data loggers. Powered by 9th Generation Intel® Xeon®/Core™ i7/i5 processor (Coffee Lake Refresh), Intel® C246 chipset, advanced CUDA® cores Dual NVIDIA® Tesla®/Quadro®/GeForce® or AMD Radeon™ graphics engine, Vicanlog PRO+ delivers workstation-grade performance. Featuring 9V to […]

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Case Study: Vicando is being used by YTO Group in China in the development of the unmanned tractor

YTO Group Corporation (also known as ‘First Tractor Co‘) started construction in 1955, completed and had put into operation in 1959. YTO Group produced the China’s first tractor and the first military off-road truck. After more than 60 years of development, it has formed a large equipment manufacturing enterprise group with agricultural machinery as the […]

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New partner Dimaag AI in the U.S.

Zuragon has signed a partnership agreement with Dimaag AI, out of Sunny Vale (CA). We believe that our existing customers can benefit from the co-operation in terms of data cleansing and AI post analysis already on existing data assets. Read more about Dimaag here:  DIMAAG-AI is a provider of adaptive self-healing advanced AI platform, products, […]

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Exhibition at Automotive World in Japan

Our partner TOYO will exhibit at Automotive World in Japan from 20-22 January, 2021. Welcome! Exhibition: Our offerings:  

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Know more about vicando suite

  • Vicando
  • Vicansim
  • Vicanlog
  • Vicandroid
  • Vicanbedded


ViCANdo is a powerful and cross-platform data capturing, recording and analysing tool for your AD/ADAS development. It helps to you to capture various data from e.g. CAN, LIN, FlexRay, camera, lidar, radar as well as Ethernet. It shortens the learning curve for your ECU/system development and let you focus on your own application level development. By using the open SDK you have the full countrol of the data you have captured.

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ViCANSim is ViCANdo + OpenCV or MatLab/Simulink™ options. ViCANSim allows you to detect lanes or vehicles on the road using the OpenCV library and also gives you the chance to interface MatLab/Simulink™.

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ViCANlog is designed for in-vehicle-use. It is mainly for data logging during road testing. It can be run on most automotive graded industry PCs as long as they are running Linux system. Such as Nvidia TX-2 and Xavier, Nexcom and Adlink hardware.

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Do not want to invest in yet another hardware? No problem. ViCANdroid is an native Android APP that you can use with existing Android phone or tablet to capture data from built-in camera, GPS sensor and other built-in sensors. Together with a Kvaser hardware and OTG cable, it helps you to log CAN data from the vehicle as well. With the built-in FTP support, you can have your data uploaded to your FTP server and post analysis it in ViCANdo.

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ViCANbedded is targeting to embedded environment. All the sources remain the same as ViCANdo. It is designed to easily move your source code from PC platform to embedded environment. Currently it suports QTEmbedded 4.X and higher, QNX, Velocity, VxWorks.

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“Flexibility for the future was important to us as we didn´t know which technologies that could evolve during the project. Openness and flexibility was kind of our key words for picking a tool chain. We couldn´t decide to put our faith 100% in the hands of others”. “对未来的灵活性对我们来说非常重要,因为我们不知道项目中哪些技术可能会得到发展。开放性和灵活性是我们选择工具链的关键词。 我们不能决定把我们的命运100%交给别人。”

Senior Manager at an Asian Tier 1, 19 years of experience in the Automotive Electronics field 具有在亚洲汽车电子行业19年工作经验的Tier1高级管理者

“We developed our own applications for diagnostics and EOL without any problems, after one day of training from Zuragon. We are very happy with our decision to choose ViCANdo.” “经过Zuragon培训一天后,我们顺利开发了自己的用于诊断和EOL的应用程序。我们对选择ViCANdo的决定感到非常高兴。”

Senior Manager at a European OEM, 25 years of experience in the Automotive Electronics 具有在欧洲汽车电子行业25年工作经验的高级管理者

Our partners


Harman International is a global leader in connected car technology, lifestyle audio innovations, design and analytics, cloud services and IoT solutions.

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Solectrix provides video frame grabber that is supported in ViCANdo.

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HiRian is a leading Tier 1 supplier in the automotive industry in China.

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Sonnet.Ai is focusing on AD/ADAS development in Korea.

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Nvidia provides chips including AI and deap learning technology for self-driving car market.

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AED Engineering

AED Engineering provides electrics/electronics engineering services.

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TK Engineering

TKE's expertise lies in the design and planning of CAN hardware and software and in combining them with various technological systems.

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TOYO Corporation

TOYO Corporation accelerates and supports technology innovation by providing the most advanced measurement solutions to the global industrial arena.

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