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Case Study: Vicando is being used by YTO Group in China in the development of the unmanned tractor

YTO Group Corporation (also known as ‘First Tractor Co‘) started construction in 1955, completed and had put into operation in 1959. YTO Group produced the China’s first tractor and the first military off-road truck. After more than 60 years of development, it has formed a large equipment manufacturing enterprise group with agricultural machinery as the core business. It also operates power machinery, parts as well as other diversified products. It is a key backbone enterprise in the agricultural machinery industry in China.

In the development process of the unmanned wheeled tractor, ViCANdo was used as an important data acquisition and analysis tool on a daily basis by the engineers. It effectively speeds up the design and testing process of the tractor.

YTO’s unmanned tractor participated in numerous unmanned farm experiment and demonstration projects. One project is the world’s first project more than ten thousand acres, is currently the largest global unmanned farm project of staple crops.

The unmanned wheeled tractor designed by YTO Group has won several gold awards in design innovation competitions. As the leading agricultural machinery enterprise in China, two types of unmanned tractors developed by YTO successfully completed the first full cycle agricultural unmanned operation task in China and helped the construction of the world’s first unmanned farm more than ten thousand acres with “Yituo Innovation”. The unmanned agricultural machinery field demonstration on October 11, 2020 is the first concentrated demonstration of the world of advanced intelligent agricultural machinery equipment for the unmanned operation of the whole process of the three major crops: soybean, corn and rice.

This is the second time that YTO was invited to participate in the on-site demonstration after successfully completing the first unmanned operation test of the project in June in 2020. In the last round of testing, Dongfanhong high-horsepower unmanned tractor has competed with well-known agricultural machinery products from other vendors. It performed well in dry field seeding, paddy field pulping, flat operation and in other use cases. It has become the only product in this test that can not only fulfil the overall requirements, but also demonstrate all the specified agricultural use cases of unmanned operation.

Dongfanhong-LF2204 unmanned tractor has a motion control accuracy of 2.5 cm. Based on the equipped millimeter wave radar, it can simultaneously detect the distance and speed of more than 200 target objects.  It has remote start, automatic path planning and navigation, automatic reversing, automatic braking, remote control at any time and other advanced features.

This field test is aiming for the autumn agricultural work. The unmanned tractors, transplanters, harvesters and other equipment can carry out unmanned operations of the whole process of agricultural production in the fields of soybean, corn and rice. Two Dongfanghong unmanned tractors participated in the path planning, path tracking, automatic turning, and other related test cases. The deviation of the straight-line tracking is just a few centimetres which is much better compared to the result of the tractor when driving manually.  In the first round of full-cycle unmanned agricultural work, the Dongfanghong unmanned tractors were rated as the agricultural machinery with the most stable performance.


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