Android™ based data logger


Get your data up to the cloud in real-time with just a simple Android powered tablet or phone while testing the vehicle on the road.

ViCANdroid is an native Android application running on the Android platform. It records CAN traffic and also the native camera, GPS as well as other motion sensors on the Android device. It is used as a supplementary product of ViCANdo. You can use it as a remote logger and record all the data while testing your vehicle on the road and have all the log uploaded to your cloud (e.g. FTP server). Later on the logs can be imported into ViCANdo.

Working flow


– Collects Android built-in sensor data, such as camera, GPS and motion sensor data.

– Collects CAN data from the vehicle via USB-CAN interface or WiFi-CAN interface

– Supports J1979 diagnostic data

– Uploading data to FTP server with email notification

– Transferring data with Vicando via same network

– Synchronizing triggers from Vicando to Vicandroid app

Read the manual for more information:

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