Zuragon Enterprise Universal System (Zeus) brings order to your development of AD and ADAS systems. Through its comprehensive feature set it gives you the possibility to do anything from scene collection, remote diagnostics, to advance OTA updates of code and functions to your vehicles in the field. 

It ties in seamlessly to the rest of the Zuragon product family and ViCANlog and ViCANbedded are default activated to connect to your Zeus services. It allows you to Meta Tag the data from the field and run powerful post analysis and automatic annotation on the data well landed on the server.


Status monitoring

Always connected

Frequent syncronization

Powerful post analysis

100% control & privacy

Efficient compression technologies

Event driven

Remote desktop*

Cloud storage

*Remote desktop currently avaliable with third party service

Asset tracking, status monitoring

Follow the assets or the production vehicles in the field. Get automatic updates for fault codes in the field or variances in the system performance from the normal. Get alarms and use the powerful built-in object detection algorithms from ViCANlog and ViCANbedded to trigger on abnormal traffic situations, study pedestrian behaviour or specific traffic situations. Bundled it into the road and weather conditions, either from public sites or proprietary data picked up from the vehicle.

Always connected

Zeus keeps the connection open to the target vehicle at all times, without any unnecessary data transmission. This keeps the telematics costs as low as possible still enabling the system manager at any point in time to “surf in” to a desired target vehicle, checking the status of the system, watching the output from the cameras and sensors in real time and reading or erasing eventual fault codes.

Powerful post analysis

While setting up your Zeus environment you can decide how to post process your data, as the data comes in categories and meta-tagged, you choose to send relevant scenes directly as input to a data center for training of algorithms or run the Zeus web UI to replay a scene including its eventual annotations, before sending it further down the process for post processing. You can create your own statistic sheets and occurrence analysis reports based on the powerful report engine. As all data follows the standard formats of the ViCANdo suite, you can of course run any development already done in ViCANsim or ViCANdo directly on the data in the Zeus data container.

100% control and privacy

Even if the Zeus environment resides on a 3rd party server due to performance or other reasons, the data is always kept intact and protected. Your data is protected and/or encrypted from the first second it is generated in the vehicle until it lands on the desired server or desk set up by you. You are in control and Zeus is taking care of the rest. If you want to send the data directly to an inhouse server or our sourced data center, Zeus is at your service and everything is managed from your account. Hence, you data is your data, and no one can tamper with it. As both ViCANlog and ViCANbedded have built in functions for masking faces and license plates, the basic principles for GDPR are also met and privacy kept at a maximum at all stages of the process.

Efficient compression technologies

At every stage of the Zeus work process the data is optimized to consume a minimum of bandwidth, this not only to reduce the uptime costs, but also to make sure that proper data reaches Zeus with as low latency and transfer errors as possible. A sophisticated checksum machine makes sure that every transfer, either it is performed from Zeus to the vehicle or from Vehicle to Zeus are free from errors and eventual data corruption. What arrives at Zeus is correct data. What arrives to the vehicle is exactly what you sent out.

Own your data and accelerate innovation

There are very important aspects to owning your data, that comes with hard values, but there are also a lot of soft values that waits for the Zeus users. The fact that you have all data at hand, when you need it, and if you don’t have it, you can easily collect it within hours, gives a lot of power to innovate in the organization. You can prototype ideas in the real world without violating the safety of your vehicles and have feedback on a new idea within hours, if you run it on a large scale. This will accelerate the pace of development and empower innovation, as real live data is not any more a limitation.