Release Notes

ViCANdo for Windows OS

Version 4.0, build #74,  04/09/2020

  • Fixed coordinate displaying issue on  Google Maps and Baidu Maps Viewer
  • Added Snap to road feature for Google Maps Viewer
  • Possible to change display name, short name for video, Ethernet and TCP, UDP sources
  • Added CAN FD and LIN support for Zeno 42X CANquatro
  • Added live playback support for UDP source
  • Added Zeus support on Linux OS
  • Added Zeno firmware update tool
  • Improved MccDAQ device support
  • Other general minor improvements and bug fixes


Version 4.0, build #51,  12/02/2020

  • Added an new option – YOLO v3 image processor overlay for video. It utilizes the YOLO alogrithms to detect objects in the traffic.
  • Supported Matlab version 2017 – 2019 on Vindows OS
  • General improvements.


Version 4.0, build #49,  12/12/2019

  • General improvement.
  • Added comment property in Component properties window to most of the sources which allows you to write free text for the source you have configured.
  • Added “Report a bug” menu under Help menu which will open the support request link.

SDK new features:

  • Added support to send DBC messages/signals from QML API using Traffic Generator. This allows you to use ViCANdo as gateway not only from Traffic Generator window, but also from scrpting using QML API.
  • Exposed UTC date and time of when the session was recorded in QML API.
  • Added project recording & replaying control methods to QML API.
  • Added a new option: Integrated PCL(point cloud library) in the SDK


Version 4.0, build #41,  12/11/2019

  • Option to show the UTC date and time of the session when right click on it.
  • Other genral improvement.


Version 4.0, build #34,  17/10/2019

  • Added CAN FD and Ethernet support for Vector hardware.
  • Improved graph performance for fast rendering.


Version 4.0, build #1 to #29,  07/10/2019

New features:

  • New video container format and file format .mkv instead of .avi
  • New session window, session crop, create project from session
  • Forward CAN message from virtual CAN to network via UDP
  • Added gateway mode for Traffic Generator
  • Support Vector CAN FD
  • Export Neurosky(RS232 Source) log to CSV

SDK new features:

  • Take openCV 4.x into use for SDK for Windows OS.
  • Includes examples to use SDK with PCL(point cloud library).
  • Added DBC QML API to explore database files in QML script

General improvement and bug fixes:

  • Optimized lidar presenters for fast rendering point cloud
  • Optimized graph presenter
  • Hightlight changed values on Fixed Trace
  • Improved Graph, RS232 Source, XCP source
  • Take new graphics into use

================ ViCANdo 3.1 ==================

Build #101 on 07/08/2019

  • New feature: Added support for Velodyne Puck Hi res lidar
  • New feature: CAN live playback filter by right click on the CAN source and select “Live playback settings” to configure the filter.
  • New feature: XCP event list, protocol settings override, create default memory segments if not defined in A2L
  • New feature: SDK DBC QML API allows you to access DBC sources in QML
  • New feature: Added Report generator as a SDK plugin
  • Improvement: SDK example – Helloworldpresenter to include access to properties of project in QML
  • Improvement: XCP module
  • Improvement: IBEO lidar viewer to show more parameters
  • Bug fixes: Live playback csv import module
  • Bug fixes: Ignore Tx error on live playback
  • Other minor bug fixes.


Build #86 on 09/05/2019

  • Improvement: Updated Help menu and About window with more help information.
  • Improvement: IEBO lidar viewer now can display reference point and closest point of the object.
  • Other minor bug fixes.


Build #83 on 04/03/2019

  • New feature: Added export CAN FD log to csv.
  • New feature: New signal type DIGITAL for sensor signal.
  • Improvement: Fixed lots of issues for XCP module.
  • Improvement: Added to parse GNGGA NMEA message.
  • Improvement: Removed obsolete CAN Trace from the Presenter.
  • Improvement: Fixed Kvaser hydra device timming issue.


Build #66 on 22/11/2018

  • New feature: Added support for Robosense 32 channel lidar
  • Improvement: Added more examples to ViCANdo SDK
  • Improvement: Display signal value with precise decimal digits when using DBC
  • Bug fix: XCP handle
  • Bug fix: PCAP import progress bar issue on Windows OS
  • Bug fix: Vector BLF import to handle CanMessage2
  • Bug fix: Open and close GigE camera


Build #50 on 23/10/2018

  • Bug fix: Fixed hang when generating report with videos
  • Bug fix: Fixed parsing Vector ASCII CAN log files with Swedish date in the header.
  • Bug fix:  Fixed hang when re-generating UDP socket data.
  • Improvement: Check if project directory exists before openning the project.
  • Improvement: Save all the LiDAR presenter settings to the project.
  • Improvement: Added different color modes to LiDAR presenter.
  • New feature: Pandar LiDAR presenter plugin.
  • New feature: Kvaser CAN FD support.
  • New feature: Added sessionSubDirectory() to QML API.

ViCANdo for Ubuntu ( build on version 18.04.02)

Version 4.0,  build #28,  06/08/2020

  • Added ZEUS support
  • Improved MccDAQ device support
  • Added CAN FD and LIN support for CANquatro
  • Added zeno firmware update tool
  • Other general minor improvement and bug fixes

Version 4.0,  build #21,  09/04/2020

  • Improved UDP socket source

Version 4.0,  build #20,  05/04/2020

  • Improved YOLO v3 image processor plugin
  • Added session cropping via QML API
  • Updated gauges
  • Added CAN FD for virtual CAN channels
  • Added live playback UDP data.
  • General minor bug fixes and improvement

Version 4.0,  build #19,  16/12/2019

  • Added YOLO v3 image processor plugin as an option for object detection
  • General minor bug fixes

Version 4.0,  build #18,  10/12/2019

  • General minor bug fixes and improvement

Version 4.0,  build #17,  03/12/2019

  • Added report a bug menu under help menu
  • General minor bug fixes

Version 4.0,  build #16,  29/11/2019

  • Added QML API – Traffic Generator
  • Added comment field to major sources
  • Added PCL presenter example in SDK
  • Added to display UTC date time for sessions
  • General improvement and bug fixes

Version 4.0,  build #15,  06/11/2019

  • Added CAN FD and Ethernet support for Vector hardware.
  • Improved graph performance for fast rendering.
  • Fix SDK for Linux OS


Version 4.0,  build #1 to #8,  07/10/2019

  • See above release notes for version 4.0 build #1 to #29 for Windows OS.


========== ViCANdo 3.1 ============

Build #85 on 04/07/2019

  • Improved SDK examples
  • General bug fixes

Build #83 on 22/05/2019

  • Improved A2L explorer
  • Improved XCP support
  • Added Live playback filter for CAN
  • Improved IBEO LiDAR presenter
  • Improved report generator
  • General bug fixes

Build #74 on 30/04/2019

  • Bug fixes and improvement for XCP support
  • Bug fixes for Ethernet support
  • Bug fixes for SDK build

Build #72 on 28/03/2019

  • Bug fixes to support simulation mode for Zeno products.
  • Fixed crashes when removing map.

Build #71 on 21/03/2019

  • Added sub menu Manual, SDK Manual and Examples under Help menu.
  • Improved About window.
  • Added new SDK presenter example – custom video presenter.
  • Bug fixes for supporting FlexCard device.

Build #61 on 24/02/2019

  • Added support for Star Corp flexcard on Linux
  • Added support for Zeno CAN interface
  • Bug fixes to Solectrix module, ISO15765 source and other minor fixes.

Build #50 on 13/02/2019

  • Bug fixes to the installation package, XCP module, Kvaser driver, virtual CAN driver and other minor fixes.
  • New feature: Added support to load custom SDK plugins from the given ViCANdo SDK installation path. The guide to program your own SDK plugin is available on request.

Build #47 on 19/12/2018

  • Bug fixes to the XCP A2L module, sensor module and other minor fixes.
  • Removed obsolete CAN Trace Presenter.

Build #33 on 23/08/2018

  • Bug fixes to the XCP A2L module.

ViCANdo 3.1 for Mac OSX

Build #21 on 10/09/2018

Bug fixes to the Neurosky module.